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  • فرمت :MKV حجم :متفاوت با هر کیفیت
  • مدت زمان :137 دقیقه محصول :ایالات متحده آمریکا
  • کارگردان :Destin Daniel Cretton نویسنده :Destin Daniel Cretton,Andrew Lanham
  • امتیاز IMDB :7.0 رده سنی :PG-13
  • ستارگان :Marcus A. Griffin Jr.,Michael B. Jordan,Jamie Foxx
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داستان فیلم در مورد وکیل جوانی به نام برایان استیونسون است که به واسطه شغلی که دارد تجربه های زیادی را حل پرونده هایش کسب کرده است. روزی او پرونده ی جوانی سیاه پوست به نام والتر مک میلان را قبول می کند که او به اتهام قتل محکوم به اعدام شده است. برایان بعد از صحبت با والتر به این نتیجه می رسد که او بی گناه است و تمام تلاش خود را برای اثبات بی گناهی او می کند که....
A powerful and thought-provoking true-story, "Just Mercy" follows young lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Jordan) and his history-making battle for justice. After graduating from Harvard, Bryan might have had his pick of lucrative jobs. Instead, he heads to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned, with the support of local advocate Eva Ansley (Larson.) One of his first, and most incendiary, cases is that of Walter McMillian (Foxx,) who, in 1987, was sentenced to die for the notorious murder of an 18-year-old girl, despite a preponderance of evidence proving his innocence and the fact that the only testimony against him came from a criminal with a motive to lie. In the years that follow, Bryan becomes embroiled in a labyrinth of legal and political maneuverings and overt and unabashed racism as he fights for Walter, and others like him, with the odds-and the system-stacked against them.